Cocktail Week – Day 4: The Old Fashioned


I recognize that this week isn’t exactly one that just flew by for most people (see The Onion), but cocktail week does seem to be clipping along at a rather rapid pace. We’ve been drinking together for the past three days. We’ve had forays into Rye, dipped our toes in Rum, toasted with Gin. For three days straight, we’ve had the foresight to chill a cocktail glass a full fifteen minutes before we actually intended to imbibe. We’ve juiced enough citrus to cure a boat of sailors of scurvy.

But it’s Thursday, and good lord, I’m tired! Enough with the cocktail glasses! Enough with the fancy liquors in the fancy bottles! I want a real drink – stiff, no frills. Tomorrow it will be Friday, and they’ll be time to let those glasses chill while we groove to Pandora’s Soul playlist. But tonight, it’s still Thursday. There’s still one more workday in this week (this goddamn week!).

But don’t worry. We’re having Old Fashioneds tonight, and in a matter of minutes you’ll have your pick between the penultimate episode of Project Runway (#TeamMichelle) and a double feature of Parks & Rec (#TeamApril). The week’s almost over. I promise.


Thursday: The Old Fashioned



1 sugar cube

1 lemon

2 maraschino cherries

Bushmills Whiskey

Angostura Bitters


1. Place your sugar cube in an old fashioned glass. Glug (on Thursdays, we glug) three splashes of Angostura bitters over the sugar cube, and muddle.


2. Peel a long strip of lemon peel. Add 1 cherry and the lemon peel to the bitters/sugar mixture and muddle some more.


3. Fill the glass with a bunch of ice cubes, pour 2.5 ounces of whiskey over it, and stir. Add in a splash of seltzer. Put in the extra cherry, and enjoy!



One thought on “Cocktail Week – Day 4: The Old Fashioned

  1. Too many choices Lucy, too many choices and you haven’t finished the week yet! Well, I do love anything rum (it’s my pirate heritage) but this Old Fashioned is really calling my name. I’m thinking it’s going to be my end of the week cocktail choice!

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