Cocktail Week – Day 3: The Saint Anne’s


Somewhere in Brooklyn, there’s a bartender named Kevin who can shake it like no other.

Despite having spent the first eighteen years of my life in New York, I know very little of what it means to be an adult in that city. Even though most Saturday nights find me and Dan at home, slippers on, curling up for an evening with the Doctor, we do go out enough to have a few favorite bars. Want an incredible cocktail experience, catered to your taste? Go to the Columbia Room. Want to get a feel for Georgetown? You clearly have to spend an evening at the Tombs. Tabbard Inn has the city’s coziest fireplace, Churchkey has the best beer selection, and nothing can beat the Passenger’s old fashioneds and kimchi hotdogs.

But ask me for New York picks, and I draw a blank. I’ve enjoyed evenings at both the Clover Club and Pegu Club, but what can you really learn from one visit? Dan and I are both longing to pay a visit to the Dead Rabbit, because who doesn’t want a communal punch bowl, but everything we’ve learned about it so far is pure hearsay.

So if you’re thinking of taking the plunge and moving to the city, or are just flying up for a weekend of theater and food, I can offer only a few solid recommendations: go to Franny’s, drink their wine, eat their pizza; spend a pre-theater evening at Joe Allen’s, because all the greats have; and go to James. Sit at the bar, peruse their cocktail menu. Order the herb fries – insist on mayonnaise as an accompanying condiment. If you’re in the mood for a drink that tastes like pure spring, grassy and sweet, order the Saint Anne’s.

If you’re very lucky, Kevin will be there to shake it for you.


Wednesday: The Saint Anne’s*


Ingredients (Makes 1)

 1 lemon

1 sugar cube

1 stem of marjoram

2 ou Gin (I am such a fan of Barr Hill, but use your favorite here. It’s worth mixing the nice one)

1 ou St Germain


1. Place a cocktail glass in the freezer to chill at least fifteen minutes before you want your beverage.

2. Juice your lemon – you want about an ounce of lemon juice.


3. Place the sugar cube in a cocktail shaker and pour the lemon juice over it. Add the leaves from the stem of marjoram and muddle.


4. Pour in the gin and St Germain. Add 4-6 ice cubes. Shake it with everything you’ve got.


5. Strain into the chilled cocktail glass and enjoy.


* Adapted from the Saint Anne’s at James’ in Brooklyn

One thought on “Cocktail Week – Day 3: The Saint Anne’s

  1. I bear witness: Kevin can shake it! Resist the urge for the third drink, regardless of the bartender’s charms. Two St. Anne’s are heavenly!

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